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Monday, September 3, 2007

a summer wedding

The flowers for this bouquet
were just a simple accent for
this stunning bride.

Her bouquet consisted of white
lilies just getting ready to burst open
and share their amazing fragrance,
white orchids, mini callas and a little
bit of trailing ivy.

A canopy over an outdoor deck
created a perfect place to accent
with flowers.

The main table under the reception tent
showcased a very large floral arrangement
complete with white lilies, white orchids,
trailing ivy, mini callas, and curly willow.

We also placed a smaller version of this arrangement
on the guest tables, and a similar, but slightly taller
version on the cocktail tables.

The actual ceremony took place just above
the large boulders. The officiant stood between
2 large urn arrangements. A beautiful accent
for this site.

Timeless, classic, and beautiful are the perfect words for this outdoor wedding.

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