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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

the Perfect gifts!

Maybe coming up with the perfect gift is hard for you, or your just busy, and instead of the day being special, well, it's now a stress. So, this just isn't your thing.......well, it's ours!

So, let us help!! and you can take all the credit!

Need some ideas?
Here are some of the romantic surprises we have helped our clients with...

Pure Romance: Let us come decorate your home, bedroom, or hotel room with her favorite flowers. Roses petals, candles, chocolates, and a little bubbly are included in this package.

Pricing begins at $125.00, gifts, flowers and other add-on's additional.

Favorite Things: A perfect gift for someone who likes presents! We custom design a gift which incorporates her favorite things (you can provide the items or we can help) and fresh flowers in a fun and romantic fashion.

Basic gift packages begins at $75.00

All Wrapped Up: Take the perfect gift (you can provide the gift or we can help) and custom wrapped it using fresh flowers either in a box or a gift bag depending on gift. This is one of the hottest trends right now in the celebrity world. It has been featured on Oprah numerous times, so, if you want to make someone feel extra special by giving an extra gift within a gift, this is definitely the way to go. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Pricing varies based on gift. However, if you provide the gift, we can wrap it all up for as little as $14.99. This includes all wrapping materials, ribbon, and fresh flowers.

Sensual Spa: All the items you need to create a romantic spa night for your sweetie! Choose from lotions, oils, aromatherapy, candles, sea sponges, scrubs, and bubble bath. Flowers or rose petals included.

Basic gift package starting at $75.00.

Daddy's Little Girl*: Even the littlest girl needs a Valentine. We create a whimsical floral arrangement loaded up with bright colors, a soft and snuggly stuffed animal, and a vase full of candies. Perfect for a daddy to give to his little sweetheart.
*This package can be designed for teens or anyone who has a youthful heart!

Basic gift starts at $25.00+ Add a fun colored floral light for some extra fun and drama!

Theme Night*: Pick a theme, a location, and we'll completely transform the space into a magical retreat. We provide and set-up the food, dessert, decorations, fabrics, coordinating florals, and anything else that would help you create the perfect romantic evening. This night will definitely be one to be remembered!

*This package must be booked a minimum of 2 week before the date. Pricing determined based on scale of project.

All Flowers: Do you have someone with a favorite flower, color, style? Let us create that perfect floral arrangement designed just for you to give to someone special. Don't forget when you call to place your order to share with us some of her favorite things.....butterflies, "bling" like diamonds or pearls, and of course her style (simple yet elegant, over-the-top, adventurous, spicy) so that we can create the only flower arrangement she'll remember the rest of her life!

Pricing: Each of our packages is custom designed and completely unique. There truly are no 2 gifts or flower arrangements exactly a like. This is what sets us apart from traditional floral shops----we don't just mass produce. The advantage for you is that we design that perfect gift completely within your budget. This leaves no room for last minute "sticker shock!!" Generally pricing listed is a guideline to help you as a buyer create the best choice for you. Please feel to call us with any questions regarding our pricing.

Please note: We choose to limit our Valentine orders so that we are not just "mass producing" hundreds of orders. We go out of our way to personalize every single order so that it is special, one of a kind, and is made just for that special someone. Please place your orders early. We do not accept last minute orders.

Call Rachael West Designs, 828.455.3774 to place your order.
*Call for all the complete details. Our package orders are limited and fill up fast!

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