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Sunday, December 14, 2008

More FAQ's

Can I send flowers to someone?

We love to do flower arrangements and will do as many as we can! However, we do limit our orders so that we can give every order the attention and the time it deserves. We request that you always place orders 24 hours in advance. If our schedule is booked, we will not take on additional orders.

Why don't you keep regular business hours?

The reason we do not keep regular business hours is because we do not have a regular store front. And yes, while we do have things you can come and purchase, most of our work is either done on site for an event or we are teaching classes.

So, while we are not always at our workshop, we are always around and we do try to answer as many calls as possible. If you would like to stop by our Blossoms Floral Design Workshop, we do try to be there Monday through Friday 9:30 am - 12:00.

What is the best way to place a flower order?

The best way to place a flower order is to call a minimum of 24 business hours in advance. This gives us plenty of time to make sure we have the flowers you need and can put the time and care in to your project that it deserves.

Currently our credit card machine is down so we can accept checks through Paypal or you may send a check in the mail. We are working with a new team right now and will have that up and running as quickly as possible.

Do you deliver?

Yes, of course! All deliveries are made in the afternoon unless other arrangements are made. Deliveries to Frye Hospital are free. We do offer a discount to those who pick-up their orders at our Blossoms Floral Design Workshop.

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