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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glass Projects

So, I have been seeing all over craft blogs these past few months how to make your own hurricanes to use as candle holders, vases, and holiday decor. Some of them have been so absolutely adorable, that I just had to try them myself and see if they were as easy as all these cute crafters claim to be.

I picked up some glass "odds-and ends."

I glued a flower to a base and came up with these cute little stands. I can't wait to set
candles on them, candies, soap,
or I'm toying with even using it as a place to set my jewelry....endless ideas!!

Here is a close up!
The hurricanes in the top picture were just as simple!
I just glued the two pieces together, VOILA!
I can't wait to float flowers or candles in them,
holiday candies,
or use them as vases in a wedding for one of my brides!

If you would like specific information on how to make these,
OR come take a class and make these along with an incredible flower design project,
please feel free to contact us at 828.326.7100.


Kaysi said...

Those are great! Where did you get the flower ones? Is it a bowl? What would you put in it? I'm loving this candlestick thing, come back to my blog in the next couple of weeks to see what else I've done them, I have at least two so far :) Thanks for the link to your blog, it's super cute!!

Keeping It Simple

Tara said...

I love the look of the flower votive holders. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :o)

Lianna Knight said...

LOVE your ideas! Thanks for joining my Easter Decor Inspiration Party!

Please visit this post and join my Easter Front Door Decorations Party...

Happy Easter!