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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Be Creative!

There is nothing more beautiful than a clean and clear glass vase for an arrangement of flowers, especially for a picture perfect time-less wedding. But sometimes, we just want to be creative and have fun! Besides, the only rule that seems to be consistent right now is that "there are no rules!"

So, why not have fun? Be creative!

Almost anything can be used as a container for
fresh cut flowers. Just make sure it is water-tight.

We love to use pumpkins, squash, and fun shaped gourds for containers in the fall. Not only can you add fresh cut flowers, but you can add potted plants as well like pansies.

Nothing is more fun than a lot of chips and homemade salsa at a fiesta.... except maybe the flower arrangements. Try adding cilantro, peppers, and maracas mixed in with your bright flowers. We even added a few to the back of our pinata. Use hollowed out, bright colored bell peppers to hold flowers, candles, and even extra salsa.

Throwing a baby shower?
We use baby bottles as vases filled with baby blooms.
Check out our baby rattle made out of tightly
mounded baby white carnations.

And who doesn't like presents?

We use flowers to accent gifts of all shapes and sizes, including gift bags. Flowers and ribbon can be matched to any occasion.

What a great way to make your
gift stand out from all of the rest.

Some of our wedding consultant friends needed some flowers for their booth
at wedding show. We were given free creative rights to capture springtime. We added lots of textures, layers of spring colors, and a butterfly
fluttering around the top of the flowers (can't be seen in this photo).

We neatly tucked away all the messy stems and added a water garden in the vase below the arrangement, complete with flowers, river rocks, a butterfly, and a water light to showcase it all.

For more ideas, tips, or even if you have a question as to how you can create some of these fun projects, please contact us. We would love to help.

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