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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just One Bloom Makes all the Difference!

One of my favorite things to do is find fun ways to incorporate flowers into, well, EVERYTHING!! Flowers will not only accent every special event, but they make our every day events a little more enjoyable.

The best thing about flowers, is that even with only one blossom from your yard, you can make a great statement, change a mood, light up someone's day, celebrate a special event, and also create a lasting memory.

I love a single flower on my kitchen counter next to my stove just because it makes the task of cooking dinner each night less routine. It gives me something to look forward to as the flower each day opens up a little more, changes in the different lighting, and adds a little pop of color.

A flower in my bathroom is a fun way to start my day. While I get ready I have something that is not only beautiful to look at, but it's life, it's color, and for me, it makes me feel special, even a little bit pampered.

Everyone has one place where they spend a lot of time, usually doing a routine task. Like me, it might be your kitchen or bathroom, but it could be your car, your desk or work-station, or even your laundry room. Think about your one spot and try just one bloom. Watch how as you type on your computer, fold laundry, cook dinner, cut hair, answer phones, and do all the other tasks of the day, how watching one simple flower will improve the task and lift your spirits.

*Simplify: Let us do the work for you! We would love to come to you each week with a new flower or bouquet of flowers for your special space. With you, we will determine what style, size, and shape of vase you need and then each week we fill it for you. We even have vases that will attach to your computer, mirror, white board, or on most any surface. All you have to is ENJOY!

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