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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Event Florist

Recently I was asked, "What is the difference between a florist and a special event florist?"

Generally, a florist can handle a wide variety of floral projects at one time. They usually work in a shop, but not always. Florists usually do projects relating to any occasion (prom, funerals, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays).

A special event florist handles larger scale events. Generally event florists specialize in large weddings, corporate events, and floral design as art.

Blossoms of Rachael West Designs focuses on large scale events and floral/plant arrangements for corporate offices and events. We also do funerals. Whenever possible, we do take on smaller projects such as birthday bouquets, anniversaries, dances, and other special events.

Please remember when placing orders we do require 24 hour notice as we do place priority on our events and corporate contracts first. By providing us ample notice we can guarantee your project will receive the attention and care it needs to make the floral accent of your special event perfect.

Please call 828.455.3774 for an appointment to plan your perfect special event.

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