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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Funny Story!

This cute bride never knew the disaster she almost had at her wedding...and it wasn't regarding the flowers! Actually, the flowers are what saved the day. You see, the wedding planner had agreed to pick up and deliver the cake to the reception site but on the way the cake tipped over. You can only imagine how panicked the wedding planner was as she opened up the back of her car to show me the damaged cake.

Thankfully, I was able to put a few flowers on the bottom layer to help hide the damage as we placed it on the cake table. We carefully (and quickly) stacked the other layers and placed flowers, tropical greens, and seashells on the cake. All of which looked as if it were floating on a tray of water, rocks, and sea shells. Plumeria blooms floated in the water and gave off the most amazing scent.

Shortly after the bride came over to see the cake. She LOVED it! She promptly brought over her family and proudly showed off the cake just moments before the ceremony started.

Something usually goes wrong at weddings, but when you have experienced vendors who are prepared, you can usually get through anything....and most of the time, the bride never knows-- which is exactly how it should be!

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(Some of these photos have been posted before but without the story)

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