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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Proper Centerpiece Height

This week I have been working on designing with a bride the perfect centerpiece for her wedding.

The arrangement she dreamed up is over-budget so we have been trying to re-design it to fit with-in her budget. Normally, that does not pose any trouble, but for some reason, this time it has been very complicated to find the right vase at the right price that also matches all the other needed components of the design.

We finally created a smaller version that fit all the parameters we had hoped, but then were presented with a new smaller, it would block the view of the seated dinner guests making dinner conversation very difficult.

SO, what is a good height for a tall table centerpiece?

Well, it's a great question, because even I, who have researched it out numerous times, found many different answers.

One tip I have used....and it's not scientifically proven, documented, or anything else---it's just easy for me to do, is this:

Sit up to the table. Place you elbows on the table, bring them together, as well as clasp your hands together. Rest your chin on the knuckles of your hands while sitting up nice and tall.

For a high arrangement, you do not want to go under your eye level. This usually tends to be a minimum of 18 inches and averages out around 22.

Again, this is just to give a general guideline and hopefully will help eliminate some of those awkward moments at a table.

Your flowers should be the accent of the table, not the biggest distraction.

We LOVE questions! Please feel free to send in yours and we will get them answered for you.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this advice! My bride's vases are 20" tall so I think we are in the clear! P.S. you have a typo for your website right under the ask questions note ;-)