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Friday, February 22, 2008

Think Spring!

I have been watching for several weeks not the tips of my flower bulbs peeking up through the mulch as if they were peering out to see if it's time. Not yet...but it's so very close!!

There is just something almost magical about spring. It's so wonderful to have this new awakening to not only nature but to our own spirits within..... and then, to add all those wonderful colors.....greens, yellows, purples, pinks! I just LOVE it!

If you are stuck indoors, don't forget that spring is really easy to bring indoors! There are so many bushes and trees that are starting to bloom. Bring in a few branches and watch them open up with joyful color.

Don't forget the flower bulbs either! How absolutely gorgeous is a simple tulip in a vase on your desk? Or a handful of daffodils on your counter? Ohh, and if you want a wonderful spring smell....don't forget the hyacinths. Just one or two stems will make a room smell.....well, all "springy!!"

Don't forget!
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They make wonderful gifts and will uplift someone's spirits!

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