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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flower Care Tip

Gerber daisies are another flower that sometimes droop easily, and of course, it's always at the worst time! So, few tips to keep your gerber daisies looking great.

First, they are top heavy, so make sure to give them plenty of support.

Second, gerber daisy stems not only drink up like a straw but they absorb moisture from the sides of their stems. Often times a droopy daisy that looks like it needs water can actually be suffering from too much water. (They remind me of gold fish....don't know when to stop eating until it's too late!! )

Third, you can soak them in a very cool-lukewarm bathtub. Lying down, with a stem clipped on an angle, will allow the water to easily reach the flower head with a little less effort.

Last, keep the water clean, low, and the stems clipped on an angle. Do this daily and you should have beautiful gerber daisies for your special event.

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