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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funerals in Hickory, NC

We were asked today if we do funerals and the answer is YES!

We do funerals.

We generally promote our business as weddings and special events, but a funeral most definitely is a special event. While I don't usually post personal information, I have to say I have had some of the most special and incredible experiences helping a family with funeral flowers. I always feel honored and blessed to help mourn with those who are mourning and comfort those who are in need of comfort.

Often times funerals are unexpected and so we will always do our very best to provide the best care and materials possible. When we do have some time to prepare, we have had several funerals where we were able to completely personalize the are symbolic and so are colors. Special items/objects can be incorporated into the arrangement such as a favorite toy or an object representing a favorite hobby (football). Recently we helped a woman create a standing easel arrangement with a beautiful metal wind chime that hung below for the family to then take home as a treasured keepsake.

So, yes, we definitely do funerals.

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