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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day or Single Awareness Day??

Years ago I heard a bitter, older single man say he hated Valentines Day because for those who were single it was the perfect reminder of how alone you really were. He called February 14th, "Single Awareness Day."

For those of us who are blessed to be in a wonderful relationship and are looking to purchase flowers for that special someone, I hope you will pause one moment and think about the other people in your life that you love that may not be receiving flowers this year.

At RWD, we will happily deliver mini-arrangements to
your children, your single friends, your mom, your husband
(yes! we do flowers and plants for men too!! yes! they do like it!),
your grandma, teachers, your minister, and your best friend!

We have mini-options starting at just $12 each which is a tiny price
to help bless someone's life or to take the sting, for some, out of
"Single Awareness Day!"

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